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Francis Ford Coppola1972
Francis Ford Coppola1974
Martin Scorsese1976
Francis Ford Coppola1979
Roman Polanski1974
Andrei Tarkovsky1976
Steven Spielberg1975
Robert Altman1975
Federico Fellini1973
Stanley Kubrick1975
Stanley Kubrick1971
Werner Herzog1972
Woody Allen1977
George Lucas1977
Woody Allen1979
Martin Scorsese1973
Andrei Tarkovsky1979
Robert Altman1971
Milos Forman1975
Nicolas Roeg1973
Steven Spielberg1977
Terrence Malick1978
Terrence Malick1973
William Friedkin1973
John Cassavetes1974
Chantal Akerman1975
Francis Ford Coppola1974
Ingmar Bergman1972
Ridley Scott1979
Michael Cimino1978
Theo Angelopoulos1975
Nicolas Roeg/Donald Cammell1970
Jean Eustache1973
Luis Bunuel1972
Luchino Visconti1971
Tobe Hooper1974
Rainer Werner Fassbinder1974
Jacques Rivette1974
Andrei Tarkovsky1972
Victor Erice1973
Peter Bogdanovich1971
Michelangelo Antonioni1975
Bernardo Bertolucci1973
Pier Paolo Pasolini1975
Nagisa Oshima1976
George A. Romero1978
Bob Fosse1972
Hal Ashby1971
Ermanno Olmi1978
Francois Truffaut1973
Sidney Lumet1975
Bernardo Bertolucci1976
John Carpenter1978
Sidney Lumet1976
Bob Rafelson1970
Wim Wenders1976
Alan J. Pakula1976
Brian De Palma1976
Charles Burnett1977
David Lynch1976
Orson Welles1973
Terry Jones1979
John Boorman1972
John Cassavetes1976
Eric Rohmer1971
Luis Bunuel1970
Rainer Werner Fassbinder1978
Alain Resnais1977
Dario Argento1977
John G. Avildsen1976
Wim Wenders1974
Sam Peckinpah1974
John Huston1975
George Lucas1973
Terry Jones/Terry Gilliam1975
Marguerite Dumas1974
Akira Kurosawa1975
Ingmar Bergman1973
Hal Ashby1973
Werner Herzog1974
Bob Fosse1979
John Huston1972
John Cassavetes1970
Hal Ashby1979
Robert Bresson1974
Don Siegel1971
Nicolas Roeg1976
Mike Hodges1971
Robert Altman1973
Monte Hellman1971
Luis Bunuel1977
Roman Polanski1976
Rainer Werner Fassbinder1972
Federico Fellini1976
Volker Schlondorff1979
Ken Russell1971
Peter Weir1975
Clint Eastwood1976
Rainer Werner Fassbinder1978
Sam Peckinpah1973

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