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We fell in love in the middle of September. You took a peice of my heart in December.
If you aint down **** than throw your hands up. Get loose in the club. We're gonna tear this party up.
Lets get crunk tonight baby girl you got my digits. Hit me up 'bout ten, I'll be over in a minute.
Oh yeah this extacy just makes me want you so bad I got these rave bitches screamin' oh yeah.
My butterfly I'm happy when your with me. You're everything I see and everything I need.
Oh baby why did you have to lie to me. I can't play no more games. These thoughts are slowl controlling me.
Girl can't you see me rockin' skinnies with them Nike's on. Your hair looks different your extensions makes it twice as long.
E-40 Oh! Let's start another party. Smoke a little chronic and get naughty. Pop a few drinks and get sloppy.
Eenie meenie minnie moe. So much bitches at our shows. Different state a different hoe. Which of them should I take home.
This girl is poppin' like she's in a magazine. One of the finest girls I've ever ****' seen.

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