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Darling Will You Please Take A Walk With Me We Can Count The Stars And Disappear.
Die. Just Die. You Are Scum. You Are Filth. Choke On Blood As Your Knife Ends The Show. Writhe In Pain You Thought You'd Never Know.
Beg Me To Make This Easier And Listen As My Hopeless Eyes Say Stay.
Dearest Love I Hope This Message Finds You Well As These Endless Thoughts Drip From My Soul.
Now It Is Done The Key Has Been Turned. All That Is Left Is My Embrace. Her Trembling Is Driving Me Wild. Her Shrieks Are So Intoxicating. Eyes Filled With Tears Strain To See. Wel
You Should Know I'm Dangerous My Fist Full Of Blood Turns Me On.
I Am Here To Tell You A Story A Story That Will Torture Your Thoughts By Day And Poison Your Dreams By Night.
Whisper Softly And Tell Me That You Love Me. I'm Losing You I Don't Know What To Do. Please Forgive Me I Know That I Am Sorry.
I Shut My Eyes And Once Again The Pleasure Strangles Me. I Taste The Tears Of Sweet Indulgence, Pain And Fantasy.
Paint Abandons Canvass And My Brush Can't Seem To Start Again From Scratch. As I Watch Everything Unravel How Can I Even Try To Stop This Collapse- I WONT.

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