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Can you name the Deceased Simpsons Guest Stars?

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Hint (Character Portrayed)Guest Star
Gingivally challenged musician
Spherical mascot
Grampa's girlfriend
* Burly white guy with a surprising singing voice
Basketball announcer/self
Bart Simpson
Military appreciating comedian/self
Maggie Simpson
Lovin' obsessed singer/self
Remarkably strong talk show host/self
Formerly moptopped musician/self
Pseudonymous punk singer/self
Psuedonymous punk guitarist/self
Hardworking, superfunky musician
Bumbling commandant
Misplaced lounge singer/self
Fred Flintstone
Marge's therapist
Depilatory hawking American football player/self
Percussion playing murder suspect/self
Meat rejecting musician/self
Menacing store detective
Hint (Character Portrayed)Guest Star
Large haired boxing promoter
Illegitimate scion
Helpful coyote
Moderately successful pretzel vendor
Skeptical paleontologist/self
Home stealing carny
Castaway playing sitcom actor/self
Nuclear sub commander
Execution host
Juice selling hippie
Aged fitness enthusiast/self
Diminutive actor/self
Stolid rock bassist/self
Writer of lagomorphically titled novels/self
Numerically named captive
Jailbird (not Snake)
Pasta sauce producing actor/self
Washed-up cowboy actor
WASPy journalist/self
Weezy portrayer/self
Catwoman portraying singer/self

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