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Clue4-Letter WordRung
False or fraudulent
With [Rung 9], misinformation
Japanese wine2
'Smooth Operator' singer3
Edge of a shape; triangles have three4
A fixed location (either real or on the web)5
From dusk until dawn, informally6
Young lice7
Brooklyn NBA team8
The first 'N' in CNN
With [Rung 14], up-to-date current events on a website
Former House Speaker Gingrich10
Tidy; clean; free of dirt11
Rare or difficult achievement12
One yard is equal to three ____13
Food for farm animals
With [Rung 21], high-pitched howling on a microphone
One's position in a tournament15
To move something from one place to another16
Hourglass counting material17
Of sound mind18
Batman villain; portrayed by Tom Hardy19
Clue4-Letter WordRung
Place for your money20
The rearside of an object
With [Rung 28], saliva that has flowed into a drink
Cut of meat with several adjacent ribs22
The Indianapolis 500, e.g.23
Popular grain used to make [Rung 2]24
To move upwards25
Intelligent; often a result of age26
Desire for something to happen27
To clean with water
With [Rung 37], an area with a toilet
'I Walk the Line' singer Johnny29
Legal proceeding30
Close attention or concern31
The center of a planet32
Maize; essential North American grain crop33
Gave birth to; living34
A blessing or benefit35
Period of growth (such as the 1940s to 60s for US babies)36
Enclosed part of a building (such as a kitchen), or a Brie Larson Academy Award winning film37

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