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Clue4-Letter WordRung
With rung 6, popular social media site
Delicate, weblike pattern2
To be without something3
Fastener for securing (e.g. key, combo)4
To see, view; attend with one's eyes5
Bound reading material
With rung 13, a group for reading
The shape of Italy7
Fight at a boxing match8
Joint inflammation9
An excess; too much10
Liquid adhesive; it can be Krazy11
Clue4-Letter WordRung
American whodunit board game (Mrs. White, in the kitchen...)12

With rung 23, deformity in the lower leg
To goof or fumble14
Soft fat on a person's body15
Large, flat piece of solid material16
To shut with solid force; pro wrestling maneuver17
Stitching of two pieces of fabric18
500 sheets of paper19
To wander freely20
Area within a house or building (e.g. kitchen)21
Underground portion of a plant22
Clue4-Letter WordRung
Twelve inches
With rung 28, Super Bowl sport
Jester, joker, or clown24
Hammer, saw, or 'Schism' band25
Cost of using a road26
Of great height27
Spherical toy
With rung 31, tennis or soccer, e.g.
Batman actor Christian29
Strong wind, or Dorothy's last name30
Video, board, or card
With rung 33, expression of one who is hiding emotions
One's reputation or renown (or a Bowie song)32

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