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Clue5-Letter WordRung
Log house
With rung 12, a restless feeling when confined
Former Israeli PM Yitzhak2
Foaming at the mouth3
Moving swiftly, as in rung 104
Banal or bland; insipid5
Smoked an electronic cigarette6
One who uses electronic cigarettes7
Poisonous snake (or Dodge sports car)8
More ready to be picked, as a fruit9
The Mississippi or Amazon, e.g.10
President Lincoln's currency, slangily11
High temperature
With rung 26, extreme excitement (or a Red Sox film)
To cut free, like a limb13
One who doesn't spend, slangily14
To be indecisive15
Undulations in the water16
Female spouses17
Merlot and shiraz, e.g.18
'Band on the Run' band19
Produces harmonious sounds with one's voice20
Clue5-Letter WordRung
To burn slightly21
Kelly Clarkson hit: '_____ U Been Gone'22
To flinch as if in pain or distress23
Hoisting machine for loading cargo24
To squeeze between the thumb and finger25
To toss a baseball
With rung 39, incredibly dark
To thumb a ride (or a Will Smith rom-com)27
Cage for a rabbit28
Intuitive guess; theory29
The Brady family, on television30
Long seat, as in a dugout; Cincinnati catcher Johnny31
Sandy strip by the ocean32
Light orange stone fruit33
Tranquility; harmony; free from war34
Location or meeting site35
Flat surface; tool for smoothing wood36
Part of a political party's platform37
Empty; void; one must fill them in38
Color of clubs or spades39

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