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Clue5-Letter WordRung
Chocolate color
With rung 11, a common sauce for meat
Matured; developed; ripe2
Increases in height3
One dozen dozens4
Plant for most lawns5
Drinking vessel (or window material)6
To apply a coating for ceramics (variant)7
A clear space in a forest8
Report card rating9
Place for burial10
Thick sauce for pasta or biscuits
With rung 18, a cushy situation, especially with work
Aromatic description of some wines12
Common jelly or jam flavor13
Pre-meal prayer14
To draw by copying lines; a small amount15
Connected body organs (i.e. the digestive _____)16
Identifying characteristic (e.g. eye color in genetics)17
Clue5-Letter WordRung
Rail-based transportation system
With rung 33, a complete disaster
Hole in one's sink19
What a pulled weapon is20
To suffocate in water21
Headgear for a monarch22
Birds who travel in murders23
Symbol for Christianity; bisected straight lines24
'Mindfreak' illusionist Angel25
Calls out; weeps26
Past tense of rung 2627
'With Arms Wide Open' band28
Beagle or pug, e.g.29
Common product of flour, water, and yeast30
To fracture or crack; a period of rest31
To unleash havoc32
Damaged remains; to destroy violently33

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