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Quiz Updated Nov 29, 2015

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Clue4-Letter Word
• Military alliance based in Brussels •
Designer and TV personality Berkus
Deceased, often rhymed with 'great'
'Penny ____,' a Beatles classic
Villain in 'The Dark Knight Rises'
Multi-instrument musical group
Curve in a pipe or road
Matchbox Twenty #1 hit from 2000
Good, superlatively
• Rapper Kanye •
Skin lesion
Ice does this at 0° C
Shed feathers or skin
Fastener often paired with a nut
A cowboy's footwear
Noise for a horn or whistle
Gait of a horse
1982 Jeff Bridges sci-fi film
• Material of the title curtain, symbolized by 'Fe' •
Country formerly known as Persia
Outer layer of cereal grain
Spoiled child or a kind of sausage
Territory patrolled by a police officer
Rare or difficult accomplishment
Suffix used with 'snooze,' 'slug,' and 'joke'
Clue4-Letter Word
Quick or rapid
• Direction in which the Sun rises •
State of being comfortable
A piece of work for a detective
List of performers in a play or movie
Price of an item available for purchase
Layer of paint
Informal conversation
Stick used for keeping lips moist
Hit with the hand, as in karate
Plants grown for food or fuel on farms
Object used to brace or support
Device used to move cattle
Nickname of controversial Yankee with 600+ home runs
Extremely dry, as a desert
Surrounded by; in the center of
Former Ugandan dictator Idi
Affirmation in the Bible, said after prayers
Message believed to foretell the future
Appliance used for cooking
Set of six balls bowled in cricket
Ken who hosted 'Remote Control'
App that allows you to order a car
Consumer, or someone who abuses drugs
• Former Communist nation whose capital was Moscow •

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