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Clue5-Letter Word
☹ Slow, tree-dwelling mammal ☹
To splash around, like liquid in a water bottle
Former Guns 'N Roses guitarist
'London Calling' band
2004 Best Picture winning ensemble film
Coarse and unrefined
Edible leafy vegetable often used in salad
Ringlet of curly hair
Joyce Kilmer poem that begins 'I think that I shall never see'
Covered with large plants
☹ Gordon Gekko said that this was good ☹
Language of Homer, Aristotle, and Plato
Fan of a recently finished Fox musical show
Even, smooth, and slick
Bogart movie: 'The Big ____'
Farm animal raised for wool and mutton
Very steep; almost vertical
Clue5-Letter Word
A cry of joy, like 'hooray'
Soft skin on either side of the mouth
Moment in chess where a king is threatened
Bird that has not reached adulthood
Bulky or heavyset
Act of a magician
Small hole caused by piercing
Cost of purchasing an item
☹ Proverbially, this comes before a fall ☹
Woman about to marry
Money given to influence a person, like with FIFA
Cherokee or Seminole, for example
Overused, cliché
To compose words in order to communicate
Past tense of previous entry
Full of anger; adjectival form of the final rung
☹ Rage; 'Star Trek II' involved Khan's toward Kirk ☹

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