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Clue4-Letter Word
Liberals are often referred to as ____ wing
Period of forty days prior to Easter
To loan someone an item for a period of time
The solid portion of the Earth's surface
Nonstandard measurement equal to 4 inches
A diamond is known for being this on the Mohs scale
A collection of animals like sheep
Part of the body containing the brain, eyes, and mouth
Basketball team in Miami
A rare act or accomplishment
A yard consists of three of these (plural)
Raised metal strip on the fingerboard of a guitar
Band noted for their song 'All Right Now'
Elm or oak, for example
South Park creator Parker or Phish guitarist Anastasio
A platform used for carrying things
Sound a donkey makes
Victoria's Secret manufactures these
Holding a viewpoint that is favorable to one side
Offers toward an item up for auction
Disease that develops from HIV
Points a weapon with an intent to fire
Revolvers, pistols, and other fireable weapons
Giving money to the poor
Secondary characters for a player in an RPG
Band that wrote the song in the themed rungs (also the keys necessary to create the '∆' symbol on a Mac)

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