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Clue4-Letter Word
A single recorded performance
The weight of an empty vehicle
A suffix used for computer pieces (like soft, hard, or vapor)
With 'The,' an HBO show set in Baltimore
Prometheus's gift to humans, in Greek myth
The third prime number
Jump into deep water, often off of a board
A 1993 Kevin Kline film about a Presidential impersonator
Ctrl + S in many computer programs
Of sound mind
Finely ground and divided rock, often found on beaches and in deserts
To transmit or convey, like a letter
The past tense of the previous rung
Clue4-Letter Word
The part of a chair on which one sits
A noteworthy act or extraordinary achievement
♭, in musical notation
A feature that ruins the perfection of something, like in a diamond
The past tense of 'fly'
Past tense for what a saxophonist does when playing his horn
Make beer or coffee
With 'Rabbit,' the central figure of Uncle Remus's stories
Budweiser or Coors, for example
Grizzly, polar, or panda, for example
Anatomical feature on birds used for eating, grooming, and fighting
Singer of 'Loser,' 'Where It's At,' and 'Devils Haircut'

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