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Can you answer the questions below about US Independence Day, United Nations Day, Valentine's Day, and Veterans Day?

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US Independence Day
In what month does the United States celebrate Independence Day? 
The day was set aside to commemorate the signing on what document? 
In what year did this event occur? 
How many colonies declared themselves free and independent states? 
Who was the principal writer of the document? 
Who famously signed the document in large writing? 
The most prominent celebration associated with the day involves nighttime pyrotechnic shows involving what items? 
At Coney Island in New York, what food is consumed in an eating contest on this day? 
United Nations Day
In what month is United Nations Day observed? 
In what year did the UN first set aside the date of the holiday? 
In what year was it recommended that the day be set aside by all member states as an international holiday? 
The day was chosen because it was the date of the signing of what treaty essential to the forming of the UN? 
Who is the current UN General-Secretary? 
What country does he hail from? 
A previous day with the same name was set aside by what President during World War II? 
It was tied to what June holiday? 
Valentine's Day
In what month is Valentine's Day celebrated (in western churches)? 
What concept is the day set aside to celebrate? 
What cherubic figure is seen an icon of the holiday? 
The day took on many of its current connotations thanks to what 'Canterbury Tales' author? 
What flower is most often associated with the date? 
Valentine's Day is the second most popular day for sending cards; what is the first? 
What organ is a common symbol for Valentine's Day? 
What state, the 48th to enter the union, did so on Valentine's Day in 1912? 
Veterans Day
In what month is Veterans Day observed in the United States? 
The day falls on the same day as Remembrance Day, both set aside to remember what conflict? 
From 1971 to 1977, Veterans Day was moved to what month? 
In what year was the holiday changed to honor all veterans, and not just those of the war in question? 
In what year was the holiday renamed Veterans Day (from Armistice Day)? Any year in the decade will suffice. 
The day is often confused with two other holidays in May; one to honor those who died in combat and one to those currently serving. Name either. 
What President sent the first Armistice Day message in 1919? 
Which military branch's birthday is the day before Veterans Day, marking larger festivities? 

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