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Can you name words that have had the consecutive letters 'OUT' removed to make new words?

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With 'OUT'WordsWithout 'OUT'
ApproximatelyReferring to a muscle of the abdomen
Hitting with the fistTo hold very tightly, like cellophane
The most cultured or refined, archaicallyThorax; portion of body with heart and lungs
The production of high-end, often custom clothingTo restore one to good health
Most devoted to a cause (especially religious causes)To take away a title or authority (or, archaically, to undress)
Small, airborne particles falling to the ground (often nuclear)The season otherwise known as autumn
Expressed contempt for the rules or lawRan away; escaped
Expressing contempt for the rules or lawA short romantic relationship
Losing throw of the diceTo long for something absent; to fail to hit
Temporary suspension of electricityThe amount of time one has been alive
One in a fit of childish sulkingFor each; to each
More childishly angryRaised platform over water; jetty; wharf
Canadian dish of fries, gravy, and cheese curdsConifer tree common across North America
Stew of meat and vegetables mixed togetherTattered piece of cloth
Diverted onto a particular courseColor of hearts and diamonds in standard decks of cards
Standard procedure; regular course of actionTo touch; to pertain to
Defeating completely in sport or in battlePrecious metal worn on the finger
Uttered with a loud cry; yelledTo radiate; cast; give off (as light, or hair)
Ejected water like a whaleMoved quickly; went over the speed limit
Growing from a seed; germinatingLate March to late June in the Northern hemisphere
Flaunting; publicizing; braggingSound of a small, metallic bell
Rife with a certain salmon-like fishTo attempt or endeavor

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