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Can you name words that have had the consecutive letters 'PER' removed to make new words?

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With 'PER'WordsWithout 'PER'
FenderHobo (or one's rear end)
Brake pad holderThe Golden State, slangily
One who frequently finds faultAutomobile
HelicopterTo cut or break (with an axe)
Prongs attached to a boot to allow ice-walkingBivalve mollusk
Master of ceremonies in BritainCobain implores you to do this 'as you are'
One who makes or repairs barrelsNoise of a pigeon
Resembling element 29An identical duplicate
Big or little constellationAccompaniment for chips
PED userTo perform; to execute
Woman from the 1920sBeat one's wings
Cigarette, slangilyOne of the states of matter
Joseph Gordon-Levitt time travel flickBathroom in Britain
Household linenNo, archaically
Spiced plant (or spice paired with salt)Vim; vigor
Thorax of a crustaceanOne billion years
Fragrance or aromaStrong smelling vapor
Consent, as for a field tripReligious evangelism
To examine with care, as in readingTo utilize or employ
Following the established patterns of behaviorIn favor of
Quick, light runFraudulent deal; hoax
Dogged fighterLeftover food
Grand, magnficient, exceptionally goodFootlong sandwich; hoagie
Freighter that doesn't follow a fixed routeTrackless train; people mover
Venomous snakeSix in Roman numerals
Hired mournerTiny; early hours

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