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Can you name the states that come in second in each of the following categories?

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What state comes in second in...StateFirst Place
number of national parks?
life expectancy?
percentage of the population in a labor union?
population of its largest county?
total area?
number of Amish people?
number of World Series titles?
lowest obesity rate?
percentage of the population that is African American?
number of NBA titles?
population density?
per capita income?
Human Development Index score?
alphabetical order?
What state comes in second in...StateFirst Place
water area?
Number of times hosting the Olympics?
number of billionaires?
number of times hosting the Super Bowl?
most vehicles per capita?
lowest unemployment rate?
median househould income?
highest minimum wage?
highest point?
economic growth rate?
lowest poverty rate?
date of admission to the United States?
length of coastline?
percentage of the population with a high school diploma?
order of legalization of same-sex marriage?

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