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Can you identify the first names that are playable in Scrabble based on their definitions?

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Large wolfhound used in hunting (or 'Watchmen' writer Moore)
Yellow-brown resin used in jewelry (or 'The Rum Diary' star Heard)
Former Indian coin, 1/16th of a rupee (or 'Cups' singer Kendrick)
Resin used in perfume and medicine (or founding father Franklin)
Short club (or 'Piano Man' musician Joel)
Slang for a police officer (or Louisiana governor Jindal)
A peasant; a rude, rustic man (or Red Sox legend Yastrzemski)
Song sung at Christmastime (or comedienne Burnett)
Devotee to the teachings of Jesus (or fashion designer Dior)
Italian noblewoman (or television actress Reed)
Honest and unreserved; hot dog (or rocker Zappa)
Latin word for glory (or Miami Sound Machine member Estefan)
Elegant movement and poise (or princess/actress Kelly)
To bother or trouble (or President Truman)
Evergreen plant (or 'Melrose Place' star Locklear)
Unit of electrical inductance (or automaker Ford)
Lever used to raise objects (or 'Kung Fu Panda' star Black)
Stand-in name for a woman (or 'Glee' star Lynch)
Cotton fabric, commonly found in pants (or early film actress Harlow)
Name for German soldiers (or Cowboys owner Jones)
Art of Jesus's lineage in stained glass (or civil rights leader Jackson)
Cup of coffee; fellow (or New York Yankee DiMaggio)
Male mule; toilet (or 'Imagine' singer Lennon)
Gown worn in the hospital (or 'Tonight Show' host Carson)
Pot used by alchemists (or 'Wolf of Wall Street' subject Belfort)
Long coat worn by women for riding (or Soviet leader Stalin)
Bright shade of green (or 'Since U Been Gone' singer Clarkson)
Eastern Orthodox hermit monastery (or 'Jurassic Park' star Dern)
A former gold coin used in France (or jazz musician Armstrong)
Dark, circular plains on the Moon (or tennis player Sharapova)
The former currency of Germany (or 'Star Wars' star Hamill)
To diminish gradually (or former ABC anchor Jennings)
To vomit (or 'Karate Kid' star Macchio)
Aroused or lustful (or WWE star Orton)
A pirate flag (or Pink Floyd leader Waters)
Flower associated with love (or 'Jawbreaker' star McGowan)
Compassion, pity, or mercy (or Supreme Court Justice Ginsburg)
Cloth made of wool (or country icon Wynette)
Absorbent cloth (or 'Discworld' novelist Pratchett)
Very thin, silky fabric (or singer of 'I Think We're Alone Now')
A kind of grass that is native to Europe (or James Bond actor Dalton)
Four-wheeled carriage (or Spice Girl Beckham)

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