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Can you name the movies that won more than one acting Academy Award?

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YearMovieAward Winners
1934Claudette Colbert (Actress), Clark Gable (Actor)
1938Bette Davis (Actress), Fay Bainter (S. Actress)
1939Vivien Leigh (Actress), Hattie McDaniel (S. Actress)
1942Greer Garson (Actress), Teresa Wright (S. Actress)
1944Bing Crosby (Actor), Barry Fitzgerald (S. Actor)
1946Fredric March (Actor), Harold Russell (S. Actor)
1949Broderick Crawford (Actor), Mercedes McCambridge (S. Actress)
1951Vivien Leigh (Actress), Kim Hunter (S. Actress), Karl Malden (S. Actor)
1953Donna Reed (S. Actress), Frank Sinatra (S. Actor)
1954Marlon Brando (Actor), Eva Marie Saint (S. Actress)
1957Red Buttons (S. Actor), Miyoshi Umeki (S. Actress)
1958David Niven (Actor), Wendy Hiller (S. Actress)
1959Charlton Heston (Actor), Hugh Griffith (S. Actor)
1960Burt Lancaster (Actor), Shirley Jones (S. Actress)
1961George Chakiris (S. Actor), Rita Moreno (S. Actress)
1962Anne Bancroft (Actress), Patty Duke (S. Actress)
1963Patricia Neal (Actress), Melvyn Douglas (S. Actor)
1966Elizabeth Taylor (Actress), Sandy Dennis (S. Actress)
1971Ben Johnson (S. Actor), Cloris Leachman (S. Actress)
1972Liza Minnelli (Actress), Joel Grey (S. Actor)
YearMovieAward Winners
1975Louise Fletcher (Actress), Jack Nicholson (Actor)
1976Faye Dunaway (Actress), Peter Finch (Actor), Beatrice Straight (S. Actress)
1977Vanessa Redgrave (S. Actress), Jason Robards (S. Actor)
1978Jane Fonda (Actress), Jon Voight (Actor)
1979Dustin Hoffman (Actor), Meryl Streep (S. Actress)
1981Henry Fonda (Actor), Katharine Hepburn (Actress)
1983Shirley MacLaine (Actress), Jack Nicholson (S. Actor)
1986Michael Caine (S. Actor), Dianne Wiest (S. Actress)
1987Cher (Actress), Olympia Dukakis (S. Actress)
1989Daniel Day-Lewis (Actor), Brenda Fricker (S. Actress)
1991Jodie Foster (Actress), Anthony Hopkins (Actor)
1993Holly Hunter (Actress), Anna Paquin (S. Actress)
1997Helen Hunt (Actress), Jack Nicholson (Actor)
1998Gwyneth Paltrow (Actress), Judi Dench (S. Actress)
2003Sean Penn (Actor), Tim Robbins (S. Actor)
2004Hilary Swank (Actress), Morgan Freeman (S. Actor)
2010Christian Bale (S. Actor), Melissa Leo (S. Actress)
2013Matthew McConaughey (Actor), Jared Leto (S. Actor)
2017Frances McDormand (Actress), Sam Rockwell (S. Actor)

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