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Can you name the actor or actress based on a summary of two television shows he or she acted in?

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Plot SummaryActorShows
Alexander Scott, a top spy who pretends to be a tennis player's trainer, relocates to Philadelphia and becomes a sweater-wearing doctor
Vincent, a noble beast-man, leaves his underground home and becomes president of a motorcycle gang in California
Taxi dispatcher Louie DePalma becomes the unstable landlord of Paddy's Pub and manipulates Dennis, Dee, and Charlie in his schemes
Magician Gob Bluth leaves his dysfunctional family behind and becomes a reporter in Virginia
Robert Hartley, a Chicago psychologist, gives up the city life and moves to a small town in Vermont to operate a small inn
Michael Kelso grows up to become a billionaire internet entrepreneur and buys a beach house to get over his depression
New York chef Monica Geller relocates to Florida after a divorce and tries to land men much younger than her
Deputy White House Communications Director Sam Seaborn becomes an auditor for Indiana and becomes very involved in the town of Pawnee
Former Red Sox reliever-turned-bartender Sam Malone becomes night shift supervisor for a team of forensics investigators in Las Vegas
Spaceship captain Mal Reynolds turns to crime-solving thanks to his career as a writer of best-selling mysteries
Plot SummaryActorShows
Dr. Mark Sloan solves crimes with his son, despite previously being a television comedy writer
The White House Deputy Chief of Staff heads from Washingon to Los Angeles to become the executive producer for a sketch comedy series and finds it just as stressful
Al Bundy leaves Peg to marry a young Colombian bombshell
Housewife Laura Petrie leaves her life in New York to become an associate producer at a Minneapolis TV station
Failed boxer and taxi driver Tony Banta becomes the housekeeper for Angela Bower's family
Vice President Selina Meyer does nothing in New York with her friends Jerry, George, and Kramer
The sheriff of Mayberry, North Carolina takes on the other aspect of criminal justice by becoming a trial lawyer
Chachi Arcola falls in love with Joanie Cunningham but leaves to become a babysitter
Good-natured dad Hal has many interesting hobbies, including cooking meth
Donna Pinciotti falls on hard times after the 1970s and winds up doing time for drug smuggling

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