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Can you name the NES games that start with 'X,' 'Y,' and 'Z'' based on a brief description?

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This game stars a samurai fighting the undead; what's not to love? [Z]
Sequel to the Legend of Zelda, this game strays from the top-down format of its predecessor and involves a fight with a shadow version of yourself [Z]
The sequel to StarTropics, this game involves time travel in order to defeat the title character [Z]
Different puzzle game starring Mario's dinosaur friend and baked treats [Y]
Meaning 'one who fears outsiders,' this game is clearly based on the Alien movies [X]
Play as Apollo from the post-apocalyptic title island as he fends off alien invaders [X]
Puzzle game starring Mario's dinosaur friend; involves matching egg shells and destroying monsters [Y]
Vertical scrolling shooter featuring a fight between humans and a computer that controls the forces of the title planet [X]
You are the mascot of Domino's Pizza in this Mega Man styled game from Capcom [Y]
Adaptation of a television series that involved one of Harrison Ford's famous characters as a boy [Y]

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