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Can you name the NES games that start with 'U,' 'V,' and 'W' based on a brief description?

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The last official game for the NES, you play as Toad in this puzzler as you try to clear the screen of monsters [W]
Take a half million dollars and play the stock market in order to become a billionaire [W]
You are Leon Franco, a Portuguese nobleman in the Age of Discovery, and it is your job to climb up the social ladder by completing sea quests for the king [U]
Take control of Eddie Valiant and help out the title character in this movie adaptation that features a real phone number to call [W]
Arguably the very first fighting game, your goal is to knock your opponent into an open manhole without losing too much stamina [U]
Zapper game that asks you to shoot bandits in the Old West; featured in a scene in Back to the Future II [W]
Also known as Gun-Dec, this side scroller has driving stages and shooting stages as you play as a detective searching for his partner [V]
Compete in four snowy Olympic events as part of Epyx's successful sports series [W]
Play as Hulk Hogan, Andre the Giant, Randy Savage, Ted DiBiase, Bam Bam Bigelow, or the Honky Tonk Man and try to win the title at the biggest show of the year [W]
A black box sports title, you must hit the ball over the net to score points [V]
Originally called Stadium Events, this game was repackaged to be sold with the Power Pad (and sometimes shared cartridge space with Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt) [W]
Take down Al Capone and his henchmen in this adaptation of a Kevin Costner movie [U]
Any of a number of games that involve guessing letters in order to win money -- just don't hit 'Bankrupt' [W]
Play as Wolverine, Cyclops, Storm, Colossus, Nightcrawler, or Iceman to defeat five of their mutant enemies [U]
Another Epyx sports game, this one allows you to travel across several continents and complete events native to those lands [W]
Touch down in Sin City and take down the casinos by winning big [V]
Play as Kuros as he rescues the princess from the evil wizard Malkil and acquires numerous items along the way [W]
Based on the popular book series, you must find the white-and-red sweatered title character before time runs out [W]
One of the first RPGs with animated characters, this game was the third in its series but the first to make it to the NES [U]
Play as Mario or Luigi as they take down old buildings with oversized hammers [W]

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