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Can you name the NES games that start with 'S' based on a brief description?

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A notoriously difficult game in which you play as a sorcerer who must complete 50 rooms filled with unlimited enemies and unwinnable challenges to retrieve the title item
This game involves an Italian plumber rescuing a princess from a turtle; you've probably heard of it
NES's billiards simulator, often considered the best pool based video game ever made
The sequel to another game on this list, the main character and his three friends fight a giant toad named Wart in a dream world
This action-adventure game involves Mike and his attack yo-yo searching for his uncle in the south seas
Any in a series of educational games involving Big Bird, The Count, and their neighbors
This is the only game besides Gyromite which requires the use of R.O.B.
A game that was designed with the Power Glove in mind, you must throw energy balls at the walls of a maze
In this driving game, you and your armed sports car must protect civilians while taking down as many enemy cars as possible
A 2-in-1 game that was developed specifically for the Power Pad; one involves building hamburgers and the other involves saving a hen house filled with bombs
Rare developed this game that involves fattening up cobras in order to ring a bell and open up the next level
As New York cop Steve Hermann, you and your cybernetic arms must stop General Grover and his Metal Command from conquering the Earth
A winter sequel to the skateboarding game featured elsewhere on this quiz
In this sequel to Contra, Bill and Lance must take on their own allies who have been possessed by the alien force
In this game based upon the Mad Magazine feature, you control one of the title characters and try to kill the other with booby traps as many times as possible
The now unofficial sequel to Metal Gear, released exclusively in the US and Europe
You and your teammates play a popular playground game (and Vince Vaughn sports movie) on a world tour
This game is generally considered the rarest in the NES collection, due to its being recalled and rebranded as World Class Track Meet
Nintendo's black box skiing game, developed by Rare
Marvel superhero game starring Norrin Radd, this game usually appears at the top of lists for hardest NES games
A point-and-click adventure game in which you try to prevent a Warlock from summoning a demon in his castle
The final game in the single most prominent NES game series, the title brothers must rescue seven different kingdoms and the princess from Bowser and his Koopalings
Inspired by 'The Running Man,' you and another competitor are in a violent game show, shooting down tons of enemies while trying to get your freedom
Sports series game based around the internationally popular sport that features the World Cup
Play five different skateboarding mini-games...if you survive.
A collection of wild west shooting mini-games that requires the NES Zapper
As Peter Parker, you must battle Electro, Sandman, Mysterio, Vulture, Hobgoblin, and Dr. Octopus
The first of three games involving a long-running animated sitcom; the main character of this game must complete oddly specific tasks to stop an alien invasion

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