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Can you name the NES games that start with 'R' based on a brief description?

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Popular NES baseball series that was recently revived for the Xbox One and Playstation 4
Will Wright's very first game, you must bomb six factories from a helicopter while defending your aircraft carrier
An adaptation of a Sylvester Stallone action movie, you play as Stallone's title character in a game that is exactly like Zelda II (seriously)
Adaptation of a popular Nickelodeon cartoon starring a chihuahua and a dumb cat
Adaptation of the 1991 superhero film involving a rocket pack, World War II, and and a stunt pilot
Save POWs in a Siberian prison with your knife, flamethrower, RPG, or hand grenades
Boxing game that has become infamous because of its animation involving the cornerman
Level cities throughout America as either George, Lizzie, or Ralph
Square's entry into racing, this game has a 3D mode if you've got a pair of glasses
As the title character (in the US version), you and your Diskarmor must stop the evil Ligar
Unlicensed game by Tengen starring a quick moving Warner Bros. cartoon character and his coyote nemesis
The first in a longrunning series of turn-based strategy games involving the Han dynasty in China
The sequel to Bubble Bobble, in which Bob and Bub are humans and travel through a number of islands
Rare-created racing game featuring an isometric view and oil slicks, among other innovations
Cult classic beat 'em up where Alex and Ryan team up to save Ryan's girlfriend in a surprisingly open world
Action/puzzle game also called 'Bomber King,' you play as a cyborg named ZED on his fight against the Xantho empire
Originally called 'Hostages,' your team must free hostages from a terrorist-controlled Paris embassy
Adaptation of an action movie involving a cyborg police officer in the city of Detroit

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