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Can you name the NES games that start with 'P' and 'Q' based on a brief description?

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Using various sewer pipes, you must create a safe path for the sewer goo to exit the screen (P)
A Sid Meier game where you play as a privateer in the Caribbean and try to make your fortune (P)
Fight as Fighter Hayabusa, Starman, and others as you climb to the top of the VWA; and don't forget that a winner is you! (P)
As the title character of this Nintendo game, you must rescue Olive Oyl from the clutches of Bluto (P)
Adaptation of the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie in which he and his crew are hunted by an alien killer (P)
One of the original NES launch titles, you control the paddles of this machine often featured in arcades (P)
Classic platformer originally for the Apple II, you must traverse the dungeons of a palace to rescue the princess in under 60 minutes (P)
Guide your character around a rectangle and draw lines to contain the title enemy (Q)
A cult classic with talking fruits and vegetables, you play as Sir Cucumber to defeat Minister Pumpkin on the orders of King Broccoli (P)
Despite the title, this game was released well before Antonio Banderas revived the character in the Shrek universe (P)
In this sequel to Mike Tyson's Punch-Out!!, you were originally supposed to play as Tyson (before his legal problems) as he competes in boxing matches against aliens and robots (P)
Game developed in arcades by Atari, the title character must deliver the daily newspaper in a wacky neighborhood (P)
Tengen unlicensed release starring a certain yellow arcade icon in a fake 3D perspective (P)
Board game adaptation that involves drawing with the added twist of minigames to reveal the answer (P)
Legendary arcade maze game starring a yellow circle that loves to eat (P)
Play as Frank Castle as murders thugs, criminals, and eventually the Kingpin himself (P)
Adaptation of the Oscar Best Picture winner starring Charlie Sheen and Willem Dafoe, one of the weirdest choices for an NES movie adaptation ever (P)
Classic arcade game featuring the title character hopping around a pyramid and avoiding snakes (Q)

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