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Can you name the NES games that start with 'N' and 'O' based on a brief description?

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Collect Freddy Krueger's bones to burn them in a furnace and keep him out of your dreams forever in this movie adaptation (N)
Apprehend Mr. Big and his terrorist organization in this ultraviolent game that was originally about drug trafficking (N)
LJN released this gridiron game that was one of the first to be licensed by the National Football League (N)
One of the first turn-based grand strategy games ever, you must conquer and unify all of medieval Japan (N)
A somewhat funny strategy game that adapts the American Civil War (N)
Use your Zapper to rescue hostages in a jungle prisoner camp (O)
One of the rare gems of the NES world, a competition cart featuring Super Mario Bros., Rad Racer, and Tetris; a gold one is even rarer (N)
The '3D' in the name of this action/puzzle game is not just thrown in for effect; it actually game with glasses (O)
Released only in Europe, this is a rare biblical game that actually got Nintendo's seal of approval; just finish before the world floods (N)
As Ryu Hayabusa, you set out for revenge for the murder of your father but wind up involved in a whole lot more (N)
Hit the links as Mario or Luigi and get help from Peach and Daisy, your caddies (N)
Play as the title vigilante on his somewhat comedic quest to rid Metro City of crime, and deal with being called 'Lampshade' by most of the other characters (N)
A board game adaptation that involves flipping black and white chips (O)
Play as one of thirteen national teams in Nintendo's take on soccer (N)

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