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Can you name the NES games that start with 'M' based on a brief description?

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A turn-based strategy and economics game originally for the Atari 400, you and your opponents must get wealthy while colonizing a planet
Play as a green-loving Italian plumber on a worldwide quest to find his brother
A certain set of Italian plumbers must clear out sewers of beasts in a game that laid the groundwork for the boys to become 'super'
Guide your spherical orb through obstacle courses and mazes within the time limit
Little Mac must get his timing down to take out Glass Joe, Super Macho Man, Bald Bull, and a certain real-life boxing champion
Port of a classic Atari game that features mushrooms, large insects, and lots of other bugs that have various effects
This NES game comes with a keyboard peripheral and uses platforming to teach piano
A rare graphic adventure game for the NES, you play as Dave Miller and his friends as they try to infiltrate Dr. Edison's house with his strange family
Play as Disney's mascot as he and his female counterpart try to rescue Alice from Alice in Wonderland
This Super Mario Bros. 3-style platformer features an extensive number of McDonald's characters and a quest to retrieve Ronald McDonald's magic bag
Control your mouse as he collects items and tries to avoid the cats of the game
The title character of this game set in 2112 must travel around and find survivors after Earth's invasion at the hands of invaders
The first of many sequels starring a certain 'blue bomber' and an overpowered metal blade
The first adaptation of a board game classic; just don't roll doubles three times in a row
The title character of this game must traverse a 16 level pyramid to rescue the royal family from a demon while collecting Mighty Coins and Mighty Drinks
Our main character is a blue-and-cyan clad robot who must defeat six other robots and the evil Dr. Wily
This Hudson Soft game is built upon its secrets and confusing nature; the main character can make doors magically appear when shooting bubbles, for instance
LJN's baseball game, this was one of the first to get a license from a sports league
A trailblazing game due to its branching pathways, password system, and...oh yeah...female hero
The game that introduced the world to Solid Snake

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