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The game that started it all for Link, Ganon, the Triforce, and HyruleThe Legend of Zelda
In this adaptation of a radio series, you'll be saying 'Hi-Ho Silver' as you play the title character and rescue the President from Butch Cavendish and his gangThe Lone Ranger
You're not getting too old to play as either Riggs or Murtaugh in this side-scrolling movie adaptation that coincided with the release of the third movie in this action seriesLethal Weapon
Adaptation of an Arnold Schwarzengger action movie that features a movie-within-a-movie, Hamlet, and magical movie ticketsLast Action Hero
In this animated movie adaptation, you go through Slumberland to to rescue its king from NightmareLittle Nemo: The Dream Master
Classic scrolling space shooter originally called Salamander, you control Vic Viper in this Gradius spin-offLife Force
Also called Uridium, this game was repackaged for the NES as a movie adaptation about a kid who is abducted by aliens after mastering a video gameThe Last Starfighter
This game is a mix of billiards and mini golf, possibly while on the moonLunar Pool
One of the NES's first third-party games, this puzzle game involves collecting gold in ladder filled roomsLode Runner
Description Game % Correct
Famously bad unlicensed fairy tale adaptation involving a scarlet caped girl kicking rocksLittle Red Hood
Puzzle game in which you must guide the title characters through obstacle courses and surviveLemmings
Play as a samuai who must rescue a princess throughout the seasons by traversing forests and secret passagesThe Legend of Kage
Known in Japan as Dragon Slayer IV, this game is one of the earliest 'Metroidvania' games madeLegacy of the Wizard
Hit the links as Super Mex, Pretty Amy, Miracle Chosuke, or Big Jumbo in this game that involves no fisticuffs, despite its titleLee Trevino's Fighting Golf
One of the first baseball games to feature real players, this game had 30 icons from the game's history to play with, including Babe Ruth and Bob GibsonLegends of the Diamond
Take your freeze ray and spear and jump three times the screen's height to save your robot planet from aliensLow G Man: The Low Gravity Man
Historically accurate turn-based strategy game in which you must play as Napoleon Bonaparte in four eras of his rise to powerL'Empereur
One of Konami's 'Laser Scope' games, has a gun shooting, helicopter, and maze modeLaser Invasion

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