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Can you name the NES games that start with 'J' and 'K' based on a brief description?

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This game features a 'radical ninja' who must save his girlfriend in feudal Japan (K)
Get in your jeep and rescue POWs in this run-and-gun Konami game (J)
One of the first beat-em-up games, you play as Thomas as he tries to fight through the Devil's Temple to save his girlfriend (K)
Play as Daniel LaRusso in this adaptation of the first two movies in a beloved 80s trilogy. (K)
Take your boat and dive in the water to take on stingrays, jellyfish, and small sharks in order to prep for the title shark in this movie adaptation (J)
The title character of this game is a musclebound, fire-breathing circus performer from the Soviet Union who is searching for treasure (K)
Sometimes considered the original one-on-one fighting game, this martial arts game introduces many features that can be found in modern fighters (K)
In this puzzle game, the title character must use his freeze breath to turn his enemies into ice and kick them into other enemies (K)
Play as either a green or blue-haired caveman while trying to rescue your girlfriends from dinosaurs (J)
A basketball game featuring only two characters; one a legend for the Bulls, the other a legend for the Celtics (J)
One of many football simulators on the NES, this one takes its name from a certain Denver Bronco and the position that he plays (J)
The game that started it all for Pit and Palutena; save Angel Land from monsters and get treasures (K)
The title character of this game is on a quest to retrieve herbs in order to save his king from death; he just has to do it within the time limit (K)
Originally an adaption of The Terminator, play as Jay McCray as he takes on the terrorists responsible for destroying his father's space station (J)
A classic arcade game starring a knight that rides an ostrich (J)
Play as paleontologist Alan Grant as he tries to save the grandchildren of a millionaire whose theme park has gone awry in this movie adaptation (J)
This long-running game show was adapted into three separate NES games. What is... (J)
The first non-handheld game starring Nintendo's pink, enemy-inhaling ball creature (K)

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