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Can you name the NES games that start with 'H' and 'I' based on a brief description?

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Play as Popo (or Nana) and ascend mountains with your mallet (I)
Pilot your submarine and eliminate fellow Russians in this Sean Connery movie adaptation (H)
A puzzle game by the creator of Tetris involving headwear (H)
Top down shooter where you try to unlock crates to get a superweapon and take down terrorists that have taken over a nuclear missile silo (H)
Either of two games based on Harrison Ford's famous adventurer's quest for the Holy Grail (I)
Single screen racer where you and up to three friends race eight tracks and try to win the championship (I)
Sequel to another game on this list, a top-down shooter where our title warriors are sent forward in time and face down an alien invasion (I)
Zapper game where you must shoot cardboard cutouts of villains and avoid innocent civilians (H)
Action-adventure sequel where you must control the warrior Kuros as he defeats a wizard named Malkil and tries to unite the title weapon; famous for having Fabio on the cover (I)
Two player top-down shooter where you can commandeer tanks in order to get to the title village (I)
A 'spiritual successor' to Guerrilla War, our main character must take his tank through the invasion of Normandy and infiltrate Germany (I)
Play as Kevin McCallister in this movie adaptation and set traps around your house to take out the Wet Bandits (H)
Adaptation of a Bruce Willis musical movie where you must steal Da Vinci's artifacts and avoid setting off alarms (H)
Video game adaptation of a popular seat belt campaign and toy line; you need to defeat Junkman without falling apart (I)
NES classic sports game where you play as either the US, USSR, Sweden, Canada, Poland, or Czechoslovakia (I)
One of the first RPGs ever, you play as the knight Jim and find Princess Ann (H)

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