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Can you name the NES games that start with 'E' and 'F' based on a brief description?

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A game starring Fred and Barney, famous for being available for rental at Blockbuster Video only and thus very, very rare (F)
Classic arcade adaptation that involves a nameless spy, riding elevators to find documents in a thirty story building (E)
Unlicensed game from Tengen (originally for the Sega Master System), you pilot an egg-shaped spaceship and save the day (F)
Unlicensed game from Codemasters, you are an egg from the Yolkfolk and must save your girlfriend from a dragon (F)
The first in Square's legendary series, build your team with Fighters, Thieves, Black Belts, and Mages (F)
Play as a famous cartoon cat who uses his magic bag to save his girlfriend (F)
The no-named hero of this game returns to his hometown of Eolis and finds it under attack by dwarves (F)
Adaptation of a syndicated game show similar to Double Dare, you need to throw tomatoes at targets to win (F)
A prequel to 'Solomon's Key,' a puzzle game where you need to kick cubes onto raging infernos (F)
Unlicensed game from Wisdom Tree, where you must lead Moses to the Promised Land (E)
Spinoff game of 'The Addams Family,' play as the family's uncle as he tries to rid his town of alien creatures (F)
Survey says that this game is an adaptation of a popular game show; it was hosted by Ray Combs when the game came out (F)
In this space trading game, you play as Commander Jameson and try to earn credits (E)
Ride a red motorcycle, completing in races to win in order to win the championship (E)
Adaptation of the popular manga and anime starring Kenshiro (F)
This shooter required the Zapper; you are a counter-terrorist expert, taking down people trying to take over an airport and the city (F)
LJN's notorious adaptation of the horror classic; run around Camp Crystal Lake and try to stop Jason Voorhees (F)
A sort of 'Reverse Castlevania,' the final fight is with a certain Mary Shelley monster (F)

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