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Can you name the NES games that start with 'C' based on a brief description?

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A spinoff of another entry in this list, Burns and his crew must save Neocity from the DMNE
Participate in sports that are typically associated with the Golden State
Kenny Smith must infiltrate a South American drug syndicate and rescue his fellow agents
So in this game, you have to...color a dinosaur.
Destroy land bases set up by aliens from your fighter jet
Unlicensed adventure game, the title character goes to the planet Tambi to recover treasures
A Cupidlike character eats food and shoots hearts at beagles
An RPG taking place 100 years after a thermonuclear war; the medieval meets mutants
Beat the King of the Casino in the city of Lost Wages
Travel through Dracula's castle as Simon Belmont, taking on every classic monster in your path
Super Joe must fight his way out of the jungle while freeing prisoners of war
Guerrilla warriors Bill and Lance up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, and start their way through the jungle to bring down aliens
Neanderthals compete in their own version of the Olympics
Bubbles the Fish must swim around mazes and shoot bubbles while uncovering buried gold
Gang warfare devolves into anything goes Olympic competitions
A sequel to another entry in this list, Simon Belmont must travel through the world and retrieve parts of Dracula's body
The final part of an NES trilogy, this game is a prequel starring Trevor Belmont
Steve Rogers or Clint Barton must save Iron Man and Vision from Mandarin and Red Skull
An adaptation of the beloved late 80s Disney cartoon with chipmunks
A 7-on-7 robot football game that takes place in far off 2022

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