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Can you name the NES games that start with 'A' based on a brief description?

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A video board game where the CPU draws pictures and you and up to three other players must guess what is being drawn
The son of Gomez and Morticia must find items in his creepy mansion
Our nameless protagonist must ride through a Walt Disney World theme park to return keys to Mickey Mouse
A European comic character must fight the Romans and rescue his best friend
A Mark Twain character fights giant octopi, giant crocodiles, and a dragon
A blue fuzzball must save his pink fuzzball love in a giant castle
Billy West must run through Louisiana to save his girlfriend from a local crime boss
An adaptation of a hit TV series, you take control of a helicopter to save prisoners and shoot down enemies
A chess-like game involving knights, goblins, magic, and epic battles
Chad Finletter must stop an evil professor from using Doomsday Tomatoes
An overhead shooter involving a dinosaur slaughtering caveman
Our protagonist must traverse a spaceship to save the crew while endless aliens pop out of holes
A compilation cartridge notable for its absurd price tag and horrendous games (like Cheetahmen)
A side-scrolling shooter that takes place in the intestines of a giant alien
An adaptation of the classic 'Breakout' with powerups and a red Maoi final boss
Any of five adaptations of the classic tabletop RPG with D20s, character sheets, and dungeon masters
A basketball game where you're allowed to punch other players
Master Higgins runs and skateboards through the South Pacific to save Princess Leilani from a witch doctor
Guide a rooster through a world where has to peck balloons and eat jam
Hal Bailman must fly his small spaceship to save his civilization from creatures bent on consuming everything

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