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Can you determine whether the following events occurred before (B) or after (A) AD 1000?

Quiz Updated Jul 12, 2017

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Event(B)efore or (A)fter
The prophet Muhammad is born
England's last pagan king dies
William the Conqueror becomes King of England
Charlemagne dies
Invention of gunpowder
Eric the Red begins colonizing Greenland
The Great Schism splits Christianity into two branches
Bede the Venerable dies
University of Bologna (oldest in Europe) founded
Minamoto no Yoritomo becomes first shogun of Japan
Construction begins on Notre-Dame de Paris
Dante completes the Divine Comedy
Arabs attempt first siege of Constantinople
Duchy of Normandy founded in modern-day France
Otto the Great becomes Holy Roman Emperor
Event(B)efore or (A)fter
Rome is sacked by Alaric of the Visigoths
Ottoman Empire founded
Founding of Knights Templar
Iceland settled by the Norse
Pope Urban begins First Crusade
Founding of Hanseatic League
Alfred the Great unites most of England
Vikings begin attacks on England
Signing of the Magna Carta
Hugh Capet begins Capetian dynasty in France
Genghis Khan establishes Mongol Empire
First recorded use of movable type for printing
Henry II of England invades Ireland
Construction begins on the Tower of London
Song dynasty begins rule of China

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