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Can you answer the questions below about Inauguration Day, International Workers' Day, International Women's Day, and International Beer Day?

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Inauguration Day
In what month does Inauguration Day take place in the United States? 
Who gets inaugurated at the federal level on this day? 
Who administers the Oath of Office? 
In the Oath of Office, the inaugurated person swears to 'preserve, protect, and defend' what document? 
In what year did Inauguration Day move to its current day? 
In front of what building is the inauguration typically held? 
Who famously gave the longest inaugural address, contracted pneumonia, and died thirty days into office? 
What poet was the first to read a poem at an inauguration (in 1961, for John F. Kennedy)? 
International Workers' Day
In what month is International Workers' Day? 
The day coincides with what ancient European spring festival? 
The day has an alternate name that it shares with a US holiday in September. What is it? 
The day was chosen to commemorate the Haymarket affair, a bombing and riot that took place in what American city? 
The day originally called for demonstrations to establish a working day of how many hours? 
Military demonstrations and parades are a major feature in countries with what system of government? 
The Catholic Church has set aside International Workers' Day to what patron saint of craftsmen and workers, also known as being an important Biblical father? 
During the Cold War, the largest parades were held in what Soviet location in Moscow? 
International Women's Day
In what month is International Women's Day? 
The Socialist Party of America organized the first International Women's Day; in what (pre-suffrage) year was this? 
The holiday became international the next year following a conference in what European capital? 
International Women's Day is a major holiday for the nations that comprised what communist ex-nation? 
What organization adopted the day to make it more internationally prominent in 1975? 
One theme promoted by this organization is gender equality; their goal, dubbed 'Planet 50-50,' hopes to achieve global gender equality in what year? 
The theme for 2002 was to promote the harsh realities and opportunities for women in what nation that was controlled by the Taliban? 
The 2004 theme was to highlight the difficulties faced by women in regard to what worldwide disease? 
International Beer Day
In what month is International Beer Day held? 
What day of the week is International Beer Day? 
The first celebration of the day was in what year? 
It was held in Santa Cruz in what US state? 
What European country is known for drinking the most beer per capita? 
Beer is often said to be the third most popular drink in the world; name either of the two non-alcoholic drinks ahead of it in popularity. 
What are the flavorings that add bitterness and work as a preservative known as? 
Name any of the ten best selling beers in the world, according to Business Insider. 

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