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In what month is Halloween celebrated? 
The practice of going door to door on Halloween is known by what alliterative phrase? 
Participants dress in disguises known as what? 
The disguised participants go door to door in search of what sweet item? 
One of the symbols of the holiday is a carved pumpkin (or other gourd) commonly known as what? 
Another popular activity involves reading stories and watching movies of what genre? 
The night before Halloween often involves pranks in some areas of the US; in New Jersey and Michigan, the day has a specific name. What is it? 
Some believe that Halloween derives from Samhain, a harvest festival of what ancient peoples? 
What religion observes Hanukkah? 
In what two months does Hanukkah typically start? 
For how many nights does it last? 
Hanukkah symbolizes the rededication of what site in Jerusalem? 
What is the name of the nine-branched candelabrum that serves as a symbol of the holiday? 
What top, sometimes made out of clay, is traditionally associated with the holiday? 
A popular Hanukkah food is an oil-fried potato pancake, typically known by what name? 
Hanukkah is known by several nicknames; what is its most common? 
With what country is Holi most typically associated? 
With what religion does it MOST closely align? 
In what two months can Holi fall? 
Because of the traditions associated with it, Holi is sometimes referred to as the 'Festival of' what? 
The night before, Holi begins with a Holika Dahan, which is a bonfire representing the killing of Holika -- an equivalent of what figure in western religion? 
Which god is said to have killed Holika? 
One item associated with Holi is a drink called bhang; what is the main ingredient in this intoxicant? 
The 'color war' aspect of Holi is said to have inspired what powder throwing 5K race? 
Hangul Day
What two countries are most associated with Hangul Day? 
In the southern country, in what month is Hangul Day celebrated? 
In the northern country, in what month is Hangul Day celebrated? 
When did Hangul Day become a national holiday in the southern country? 
Hangul was personal created by Sejong the Great, a king who lived in what century? 
Hangul is the term for the alphabet of what language? 
Prior to the creation of Hangul, how was the language written? 
In what city was a large statue of Joseon the Great unveiled on Hangul Day in 2009? 

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