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Can you name words that have had the consecutive letters 'PER' removed to make new words?

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With 'PER'WordsWithout 'PER'
Rough, harsh, severe, sternBasis of comparison in similes
PagerHoney producing insect
Motor vehicle with living/sleeping spaceMoving, curved wedge used to force objects together
FinaleBaseball player's head covering
In high spirits; cheerful; longtime Brave JonesBroken off piece (of a potato, perhaps)
Los Angeles NBA playerShort segment from a movie
Element 29Police officer
To kill a mood (such as on an evening)Construction of a beaver
Scattered in different directionsInsulted, slangily
Place to cultivate wine-making fruitColor between black and white
Covered basketMeat from a pig
Split, salted, smoked herringUntanned calf hide
Sheet used for writingFather
The eyes, colloquiallyUrine
%1/100 of a US dollar
To hit or strike, as a drumTo use profanity
To act, sing, or entertainShape, structure; document that user must fill in
Lying under oathGroup that decides court cases
Continuing despite severe oppositionMoney given to a laid off employee
Common noun type, with 'place' and 'thing'Male child
To sweatStructure on top of a church
Turned away from rightness; wickedPoetic form; unit of a song
One who plays a certain instrument (such as on the 11th day of Christmas)The length of the circumference of a circle in relation to its diameter
Gilligan's best friendOften goes with 'hop' and 'jump'
Footwear worn at nightTo fall or skid on a slick surface
To alter without permissionScottish woolen hat
Someone or something that twists or bendsArmed conflict
Softly cryFanciful impulse

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