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1. WWE Hall of Famer Hogan
2. A handsome, physically fit man
3. Former WWE Champion C.M.
4. WWE Hall of Famer Terry
5. Nickname for a longtime WWE announcer
6. An area of ice used for skating
7. With rung 43, a 'Ravishing' WWE legend
8. First name of WWE champion Foley
9. Ill, not feeling well
10. To pass the tongue over the surface of something
11. To be missing something
12. First name of current superstar Ryder
13. One of the personas of rung 8, with 'Cactus'
14. A sharp short nail, often used in hardcore matches
15. A framework of shelves or bars for storage OR, with 'Torture,' a submission move used in matches
16. Surname of WWE Hall of Famer Harley
17. A rate of movement
18. To fill, like luggage
19. A mark or spot left over from acne
20. Ring name of wrestler turned actor Dwayne Johnson
21. Accessory used by rung 8 to perform his Mandible Claw maneuver
22. To fire someone from a job
23. Fell, drop, or descended to a lower level
24. An orderly arrangement
25. Currency of South Africa
26. A sudden attack to seize something
27. Wet precipitation from the sky
28. A follower of an Indian religion
29. To become a member
30. With rung 90, the full name of WWE's (arguably) most prominent current star, actor in '12 Rounds'
31. Surname of American sportscaster Linda
32. Metal currency often given as change
33. The bottom part of the face; a superkick is often called 'Sweet ____ Music'
34. Narrow, not fat
35. A transition used to indicate that something else has occurred
36. The objective form of 'they'
37. To swarm or be filled by
38. A unit of two or more wrestlers who must tag one another to be in a match, like the Usos
39. A unit of paper equaling 500 sheets
40. To observe and interpret a written language
41. First name of 'Sanford and Son' star Foxx
42. Surname of 'Clueless' and 'I Love You, Man' star Paul
43. With rung 7, a 'Ravishing' WWE legend
44. Another persona of rung 8, '____ Love'
45. A slangy way of referring to clothing
46. More than one father
47. Several masses or lumps
48. First name of Bad News Barrett
49. To decrease in energy
50. WWE's Big Red Machine
51. One of two aliens featured on 'The Simpsons'
52. Nickname of Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler
53. A high, clear, ringing sound
54. A color or hue
55. A portable shelter used for camping
56. Ring name of deceased wrestler Andrew Martin, OR a final exam
57. The very top or supreme competitor, e.g. the WWE World Heavyweight Champion
58. Curved, crooked, not straight
59. A red or white plant often used in salads
60. With rung 73, full name of Hall of Famer nicknamed 'The Hitman'
61. To make beer
62. WWE Hall of Famer, stand up comedian and 'The Price is Right host' Carey
63. A match or contest that is undecided or tied
64. The stomach of an animal
65. Slangy way of referring to someone as insane
66. A fight, battle, or skirmish
67. A college organization for men that meets socially
68. A noteworthy achievement that requires skill
69. WWE's former Sunday night show on MTV
70. Organic material in marshes
71. Lively; in good health
72. A portion or fragment of a whole
73. With rung 60, full name of Hall of Famer nicknamed 'The Hitman'
74. To stop an action
75. Surname of nWo member Scott, a.k.a. Razor Ramon
76. A retail complex containing a variety of stores
77. Germinated barley used for brewing
78. A spar rising above the hull of a ship
79. Legendary politcal cartoonist Thomas
80. Surname of nWo member Kevin, a.k.a. Diesel
81. Long running television series about the Korean war
82. A covering for the face, used by many professional wrestlers
83. A job or duty that needs to be completed
84. A large, armored combat vehicle equipped with a cannon
85. Lean, gaunt, thin
86. Russian speaking valet of Rusev
87. First name of American actress Flynn Boyle
88. Mexican luchador who wears rung 83, Sin _____
89. Surname of actor Michael, star of 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'
90. With rung 30, the full name of WWE's (arguably) most prominent current star, actor in '12 Rounds'

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