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Father's Day
In what month does Father's Day occur in the United States? 
Traditional Catholic celebrations celebrate a day in March to coincide with the feast of what major saint? 
Traditional celebrations were brought to the New World by what two nations? 
In what year did the United States first have a civic Father's Day celebration? 
The first Father's Day celebration in the US was held in what state, the same that first celebrated Mother's Day? 
The celebration originated following a disaster in what industry associated with the state that killed 250 fathers? 
Despite this, Father's Day took some time to catch on -- what President was the first to issue a proclamation for Father's Day? 
In the interim, one President recommended a national Father's Day celebration in 1924 but didn't sign a proclamation. Who was this President? 
Flag Day
In what month does the United States celebrate Flag Day? 
The day commemorates the adoption of the first U.S. flag; in what year of the American Revolution was the original flag adopted? 
What organization adopted the flag? 
Which branch of the US military celebrates its birthday on the same day? 
Who is apocryphally considered the creator of the flag? 
What do the stripes on the US flag represent? 
In what year did the current US flag get adopted? 
The current flag has been the longest lasting design in US history; how many stars did the previous longest lasting flag have (47 years)? 
Friendship Day
In what month does the United Nations proclaim Friendship Day? 
In what OTHER month do some countries observe the day? 
In what South American country do some claim the day originated? 
In what year did this country first celebrate it? 
The holiday has become prominent with the rise of social media and mass texting; it is particularly popular in what three Asian nations? (Name one) 
The United States can trace the day to Joyce Hall, the founder of what card company? 
What Disney and A.A. Milne character was named the ambassador of Friendship Day by Nane Annan? 
What popular item, often associated with awareness movements like Livestrong, are often worn by celebrants? 
In what month is Festivus celebrated? 
With what television show is Festivus associated? 
What character is said to be the creator of the holiday (on the show)? 
What is the alternative to the Christmas tree used by celebrants? 
Which Festivus tradition begins with the phrase 'I got a lotta problems with you people, and now you're going to hear about it!?' 
The Festivus celebration cannot end until the wrestling match otherwise known as what? 
Easily explainable occurrences that occur on the date are said to be 'Festivus miracles' by whom? 
According the originator of the holiday, who is Festivus for? 

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