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Can you name which element in each group of five doesn't belong?

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ElementsWrong Answer
At Ho Fr Ra Ac
Sb Te I He Cs
H He O Be B
Lr Rf Db Cm Bh
Br Ar K Ca Sc
Pa U Ag Pu Am
Hs Mt Ds Rg Er
Rh Pd Au Cd In
Re Os In Pt Au
Tm Yb Lr Lu Hf
ElementsWrong Answer
Ti Sn Cr Mn Fe
Pm Eu Gd Tb Dy
Hg Tl Fl Bi Po
Fe Ni Cu Zn Ga
Al Si P S As
Bk Cf Es Cn Md
La Ce Pr Nd Sm
Ge As Se Br Xe
F Ar Na Mg Al
Ru Sr Y Zr Nb

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