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Can you name the Disney Crossy Road franchises when given three of its characters?

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Forced Order
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Baymax, Wasabi, Honey Lemon
Vulture, Kaa, Bagheera
Mr. Waternoose, Randall, Roz
Nani, Jumba, Captain Gantu
Cogsworth, Le Fou, Gaston
Rafiki, Banzai, Hippo
Prof. Phineas Plump, Executioner, Doom Buggy
Rajah, Iago, Gazeem
Fifi, Horace, Chip
Emperor Zurg, Bullseye, Green Army Man
Disgust, Imaginary Boyfriend, Brain Worker
Mirage, Dash, Bob Parr
Luigi, Mater, Lightning McQueen
Jack Skellington, Sally, Zero
Felix, Calhoun, Surge Protector
Dormouse, Humpty Dumpty, Red Queen
Flash, Chief Bogo, Pig Hero Six
Chief Tui, Maui, Frog Monster
Pascal, Mother Gothel, Stabbington Brother #2
Yao, Mushu, Captain Li Shang
Marlin, Crush, Gill

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