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Can you name the kings in Greek mythology from the given clues?

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Defeated the Sphinx, killed his father, married his mother
Slew Medusa and his grandfather (accidentally)
Grandfather of the above, locked his daughter in a tower to thwart a prophecy
Cousin of Heracles, ordered the famous hero to complete 12 labours
Husband of Clytaemnestra, who murdered him after he returned from the Trojan War
Founded Thebes, married the daughter of Ares and Aphrodite
Wise king of Pylos, fought in the Trojan War
Spent 10 years attempting to sail home after the Trojan War
Slew the Minotaur and abducted Helen of Sparta
Father of the above, namesake of a sea
Found the Golden Fleece, wed Medea (who later left him for the above)
Father of the above, deposed by his half-brother, also half-brother of the next
King of Corinth, known for cheating the gods several times, condemned to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity
Brother of the above, posed as Zeus and forced his subjects to worship him
Athenian king with a serpentine tail, chose Athena (over Poseidon) as patroness of his city
Husband of Leda and father of Helen, Clytaemnestra, Castor and Pollux
Son-in-law of the above, husband of Helen and king of Sparta
Father of Heracles' second wife, introduced wine-making to his people, organised the Calydonian Boar Hunt
Last king of Troy, father of Hector, killed by Neoptolemus
Father of the above, refused to pay Heracles for defeating a sea-monster
Father of Achilles and husband of Thetis, once a famous hero and Argonaut
Father of the above, son of Zeus, king of Aegina
King of Crete, imprisoned Daedalus and the Minotaur
Brother of the above, judge of the dead and second husband of Heracles' mother
Trojan War hero noted for fighting Aphrodite, Ares and Apollo (and wounding the first two)
Brother of Eteocles, fought him over their shared kingdom; Thebes
Theban king who forbade Antigone to bury her brother (the above)
King of Cyprus who, after promising to send fifty ships to aid the Greeks at Troy, sent 49 clay models in one ship
Married Procne but desired her sister Philomela. After assaulting the latter, he cut her tongue out (but she wove a tapestry depicting her attacker)
Thracian king famous for his horses, killed during the Trojan War
Avenged his father's death by killing his mother and her lover, pursued by the Furies until pardoned by the gods
Namesake of Troy, father of Ganymede
Trojan prince of Aethiopia, fought at Troy, son of Eos
First man to slay a relative (his father-in-law), attempted to seduce Hera, bound to a fiery wheel in Tartarus
Husband of Hippodamia, at his wedding a drunken centaur attempted to rape his bride
Son of Zeus, killed and cooked his son as a meal for the gods, condemned to be denied food and water for eternity
Son of the above, was restored to life and ruled over the peninsula that bears his name
Son of the above, known for constantly feuding with his brother Thyestes over their lands
Corinthian hero known for slaying the Chimaera
King of Aethiopia, father of Andromeda and husband of the famously vain Cassiopoeia

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