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Emperor during (F) and member of (D) dynastyA
Famous general and reconqueror of most of the Mediterranean landsB
Last Byzantine EmperorC
Byzantine noble family derived from the Latin 'dux'D
Official name of the Byzantine EmpireE
Military campaign organised by Venice, resulting in the sack of Constantinople F
Official language of the Empire (after AD 620)G
Famous basilica, then mosque and now museumH
Modern name for the Byzantine capitalI
Emperor and famous lawgiverJ
Dynasty which halted decline from AD 1081 to 1185K
Emperor who ended the Twenty Years Anarchy and defended Byzantium from the UmayyadsL
Powerful dynasty from AD 867 to 1056, founded by Basil IM
Devastating rebellion during the rule of (J)N
Official religion of the Empire (from AD 380)O
Senior ecclesiastical official of (O)P
Constantinople was views as the second (R)R
Dynasty that ruled Byzantium's greatest rivals in the east (from AD 224 to 651)S
Wife of (J) and the one who ended (N)T
Scandinavian warriors that served as imperial guardsV
Famous fortifications defending the Empire's capitolW
Last empress of (M) dynastyZ

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