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What is an extremely populated area at the outskirts of cities?
An area outside cities 
Is there easily obtainable water in slums?
Yes or no question 
The are the two major religions of South Asia?
two religions  
Who was in control of South Asia before it split?
A large country that was in charge 
What is the name of the country separated from India
To the west of india 
What causes slums in most cases?
people moving 
What are the living connotations of the slums?
pick one condition 
What are people who move around a lot, typically in the desert?
people who move alot 
What is one of the diversities in India?
name only ONE of the diversities 
There is less than two people per room in a slum at regular, true or false?
true or false 
Why is it named the Middle East?
between _______and _______ 
What country was fighting with iraq and syria, because it put up a dam
A country 
How high is the percentage of oil the US gets from Saudi Arabia?
It is a percentage 
What is one causes of population growth?
one characteristic 
The builings in the slum have no pluming a public toilet is shared by all True or False?
True or False 
What is the effect on the population growth?
it has doubled, more than doubled, 

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