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Tom Hardy - Leonardo DiCaprio - Cillian Murphy
Ryan Gosling - Bryan Cranston - Carey Mulligan
Casey Affleck - Morgan Freeman - Michelle Monaghan
Denzel Washington - Ryan Reynolds
Michael Keaton. - Ed Norton - Emma Stone
George Clooney - Sandra Bullock
Natalie Portman - Mila Kunis - Vincent Cassel
Jessica Chastain - Chris Pratt - Joel Edgerton
Emily Blunt - Benicio Del Toro - Josh Brolin
Samuel L. Jackson - Kurt Russell - Channing Tatum
Steve Carell - Brad Pitt - Christian Bale
Tom Cruise - Brendan Gleeson - Emily Blunt
Keanu Reeves - Ian McShane
Jennifer Lawrence - Amy Adams - Bradley Cooper
Robert Downey Jr. - Ben Kingsley - Guy Pearce
Daniel Craig - Javier Bardem - Judi Dench
Michael Fassbender - Idris Elba - Charlize Theron
Mark Wahlberg - Mila Kunis - Giovanni Ribisi
Brad Pitt - Jonah Hill - Chris Pratt
Ben Affleck - Alan Arkin - John Goodman

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