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Can you name the Finnish Music Artists per letter of the alphabet?

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HintArtist/BandCurious Fact
(A) Anna _____
(B) Vocalist born in Indonesia; Tolkien inspired folk metal
(C) Alexi Laiho is the front man...
(D) Band name in Spanish means 'devil'
(E) Used to be part of the duo Nylon Beat
(F) They sing of troll-ish matters...
(G) Represented Finland in ESC in 2005.
(H) Ville Valo, need I say more...
(I) Controversial metal band from Oulu
(J) Surname: Vartiainen
(K) From Lappeenranta
(L) Winners of 2006 Eurovision Song Contest
(M) Bald vocalist which is also in a band named after him 'Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset'
HintArtist/BandCurious Fact
(N) Tarja Turunen used to sing for them.
(O) First artistic name: Paradise; Participated in ESC 2011
(P) Paula Vesala and Mira Luoti = ?
(Q) Just type in QQQ
(R) Some people used to compare them to Rammstein..
(S) Prisoners before going to jail are usually _________
(T) _______ Kätilöt
(U) 'Vnus', 'Varjoon juuttunut', 'Polje', 'Kukka', 'Mitä ******?' 'Aikasi on nyt', 'Maailma puhaltaa'
(V) They sing in Savo dialect. Had their breakthrough from 2004 to 2008
(W) This band shares it's name with a popular Finnish author, best known to publish 'Sinuhe egyptiläinen' (The Egyptian). Mika _______
(X) Another 'freebie', just type XXX
(Y) Yhdistyneet Urbaanit Puoskarit. Sounding weird? Acronym time!
(Z) ___ Café

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