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Guess the Trope from the DescriptionTrope Name
A Character usually quite intelligent acts stupid for no real reason other than to advance the plot, he is holding the...
A character is just too perfect, everything goes well for him/her because they are the...
He's fast, REALLY fast and but he hits weak plus one hit and he's almost gone
The Hero is very strong and NEVER loses (well rarely)
The Hero has by accident killed off a town and he screams...
A Character is screwed full stop. This is the most likely word to be uttered from your mouth before your inevitable doom
A massive revelation or horrible set of events that shock the Hero to mental breaking point
The Heros find out about the Villan's plan and stop him only to be part of another plan which the Villan had set beforehand
A Character known for his sarcasm, deflating any plan and the most cynical one in the group
The Ultimate Attack!!!! But It's Useless in most scenarios
A extremely long word used in tv just because of it's length usually in spelling contests
He's a nice guy, very soft but you've done something and now he's pissed off, REALLY PISSED OFF, you've just pushed his
something introduced early into the story but has no significance until the end...
The Villian masacres villages even killing children infront of their parents eye without any mercy and enjoys it
We have set rules in this game...oh wait the hero has just ignored the rules completly for his own advantage
Guess the Trope from the DescriptionTrope Name
Okay there is no way the hero can win this fight but wait the hero has a new power at the last second
A character who treats people with equal disdain and almost always with a smirk
Someone who successfully backstabs characters continuously is known to have...
It's a cutscene and the hero shows off his brand new power mode by owning all of the Villians main forces...unfortunately this epicness is only in cutscenes
A group of five heros travelling together
You're watching an Anime and recognise a voice
Divide the number of times you said 'Holy ****!' by the number of scenes. This is the
The Villian has thousands possibly millions of these ___ for his disposal
You're travelling in the overworld and you come across a normally weak enemy but even though he looks exactly the same he's million times stronger
A character does something that he/she will be remembered forever
A Character who is a Villian for no other reason than just to be evil
Two characters fight but one is completly owned without any comeback
An Item which is bigger in the inside than it is on the outside
Through a combination of skill, courage, intelligence and a bit of luck a hero is able to beat something that is normally unbeatable
When somebody recieves powers so great they are often deluded to think they have surpassed their hummanity(or speices)

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'M' Television Characters

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Mmmmmmm, TV characters.
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