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Can you name the titles John Adams' proposed for the President of the United States?

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HintAnswerAdam's Opinion of This TItle
Adams' most hated versionAdams: 'Will sailors and soldiers say, 'George Washington, President of the United States? If so, they will despise him!'
His first proposalAdams: Not good enough for president, 'but for Senators, it would make the office an object of ambition.'
Adams' second ideaAdams: This 'would not suffice for the head of a great and independent nation.'
His third idea, which Adams himself rejectedAdams, who liked this at first, later said, this title 'is not high enough.'
His fourth really awful ideaAdams seemed unaware that, since they had the same first name, this would give the president the same title as the British king.
An idea from a secretary, which Adams thought sounded promisingSenators thought it sounded too English.
The title that the first joint House/Senate committee settled uponThis one made Adams pretty upset.
Adams' sixth ideaAdams: Why not? They're using this title in Poland right now!
The title the first Senate special committee (hand-picked by Adams) settled uponJefferson: 'The most superlatively ridiculously thing I ever heard of.'
Title suggested by the first-ever House-Senate conference committee, which settled the issueConference Committee Report: We would have wanted to give the president a special title, but we have not done so out of deference to the wishes to the House of Representatives.

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