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Can you name the different types of query in a database and the different components of the data dictionary?

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The number of characters allocated to the contents of the field
Search criteria for a query
The default value that appears on a new record
A query that returns fields that match the value of the parameter
Who has access to write/update/edit/delete values from the table
A type of complex query that matches one or both sets of criteira
A type of complex query that includes both records found from queries
Each field has been identified
A query that uses one parameter
Searching for a record that you don't know the exact value of to write in your query
A unique name for each table in the database
Validation applied to a field
Any field which is indexed
A type of query that has been hard coded into the query
A query that uses more than one parameter value
A request for information from the database
Primary/Foreign keys identified
The data type allocated to each field
A type of complex query which is inverse
A set of [] brackets is used to bring a pop up question for the user

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