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LeapeeEpisode Title
Tom Stratton/Tim Fox
Gerald Bryant
Clarence 'Kid' Cody
Daniel 'Doc' Young
Frankie La Palma/Don Geno Frascotti
Jessie Tyler
Cameron 'Cam' Wilson
Nick Allen
Unknown Firefighter/Tom McBride
Chad Stone
Charles Lee MacKenzie
Samantha Stormer
Andrew Ross
'Howlin' Chick Howell
David Basch
Jimmy LaMotta
Leonard Dancey
Ray Hutton
Dr. Timothy Mintz
Knut 'Wild Thing' Wileton
Linda Bruckner
Eddie Vega
Peter Langley
George Washaki
Melvyn Spooner
Charlie 'Black Magic' Walters
Victor Panzini
Phillip Dumont
Jake Rawlings
Sam Beckett
Herbert 'Magic' Williams
LeapeeEpisode Title
Frank Pistano
Karl Granson
Joshua Rae
Darlene Monty
Ray Harper
Harry Spontini
Shane 'Funny Bone' Thomas
Reginald Pearson
Butchie Rickett
Billie Jean Crockett
Kenny Sharpe
Rod 'The Bod' McCarty
Chuck Danner
Gilbert LaBonte
Geoffrey 'Tonic' Mole
Gordon O'Rielly
Jesus Ortega
Terry 'Nikolai' Sammis
Eddie Elroy
Sam Beederman
Captain Tom Jarrett
Lester 'Doc' Fuller
Archie Necaise
Frank Bianca
Katie McBain
Jack Stone
William 'Billy' Beaumont
Chance Cole
Joe Thurlow
Tommy York
LeapeeEpisode Title
Dylan Powell
Tyler Means
Eddie Brackett
Roberto Gutierrez
Max Greenman
Kyle Hart
Dale Conway
Davey Parker
Al 'Bingo' Calavicci
Lee Harvey Oswald/Clint Hill
Nikos Stathatos
Ronald Miller
Leon Stiles
Maxwell Stoddard
Jimmy La Motta
Clayton Fuller
Will Kinman
Larry Stanton
Willie Walters
Martin 'Marty' Elroy
Margaret Sanders
Ruth Westheimer
Lord Nigel Corrington
Arnold Watkins
Elizabeth Tate
Dennis Boardman
Henry Adams
Captain John Beckett
Elvis Presley
Sam Beckett

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