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FactCountryFurther Info
The capital city of this country ranks lower among its largest cities than any other country.
Currently has the longest reigning monarch in the world.
Has the only national flag to display six colors as part of its primary design
Has only one of each vowel in its common name
Has the World's biggest airport (by area).
Is the oldest independant country in Africa
The second country to use adhesive postage stamps.
Has the world's oldest continuously operating airline still in operation
Has had more changes to its national flag in the 20th Century than any other country.
FactCountryFurther Info
Has the longest common name consisting of alternating vowels and consonants.
Has the tallest skyscraper in South America.
Has the shortest common name containing three consecutive letters of the alphabet in order
Has the highest density of sheep per capita.
Has the oldest National Anthem in South America.
The first country to introduce a 'Junk Food Tax'.
Has the deepest lake in the world.
Flys its flag upside down during war time.
Has the oldest national flag design still in use.

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